What is the Meaning of Assertion in Audit?

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The auditor gathers evidence about the assertions made by management in order to form conclusions about whether those assertions are reasonable. Assertions may be …

What is a MSAS degree?

University degree

The MSAS degree is a graduate-level program that prepares full time students for careers as statisticians. The curriculum covers the following four major areas…

What is the Role of a Comptroller?

Comptroller of Technology Auditing

The role of a comptroller is an important one, and it’s not always easy to understand. In fact, many people in the finance world have only just recently started working with this position.

What is an Accounting Internal Control?

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Accounting is an art of measuring, reporting and analyzing the financial information in order to keep track of a company’s or individual’s economic health. These days, accounting has become…

What is the Importance of IFRS in Accounting?

International Financial Reporting Standards

In the rapidly changing world of business, it’s clear that not all companies are doing well. Many organizations are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their industry and …

Who are the Big Four Accounting Firms?

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With the world looking for leadership on ESG factors, there will be more pressure on these firms to provide more sustainable accounting practices, sustainability assurance and ESG auditing services.