What is Green-E Certification?

What does “green” mean to you? Many people might answer this question with a variety of different things, like reducing energy consumption, recycling materials, or using environmentally friendly products. While all of these answers would certainly fall under the category of being green, there’s one more specific definition that refers to how businesses operate. The term “green-e certification” applies to companies that have met rigorous … Continue reading What is Green-E Certification?

What is BECCS?

The idea behind this method of geoengineering involves capturing carbon dioxide from industries, power plants and other sources, then storing them deep underground as a way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. This is called “BECCS” which stands for Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage. It could be used to curb climate change in the future. How does BECCS work? BECCS works by combining two … Continue reading What is BECCS?