What is Social Washing?

social washing and laundry

Social washing, or Greenwashing is when companies try to cover up their negative environmental impacts by promoting themselves as eco-friendly with misleading advertising campaigns and branding.

What is Natural Capital and Why is it Important?

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Natural capital is the earth’s ability to provide for our needs. It is the finite resource of ecosystem services, which includes clean air and water, fertile soil, productive oceans and forests, but also…

What is a WIP?


A Work-in-Progress (WIP) is an account on a company’s balance sheet that refers to the money spent on material parts and processes for production or packaging.

What is the Canadian Index of Wellbeing?

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The CIW is important because it offers a comprehensive measurement of well-being that is not measured by traditional economic indicators. The inclusion of…

Understanding Equity and Its Benefits

understanding equity and its benefits

The benefits of including everyone are many: inclusive workplaces are more productive, employees are happier and less stressed, there is less turnover, and they make for a better place to work.