Former Adobe Exec Brings ESG to Benevity

Engagement is a major issue for companies of all sizes. Many employees are not engaged and this can lead to low productivity, high turnover rates and unhappy customers. Benevity has developed an employee engagement software that increases employee happiness while also increasing the bottom line of their clients. The Benevity platform helps companies improve engagement by using feedback from employees to create personalized recognition programs that help them feel appreciated by their employers on a daily basis. This improves job satisfaction, boosts morale and reduces voluntary attrition rates . It also gives managers more insight into what makes each individual happy so they can better manage their teams and reward top performers accordingly.

CALGARY, Alberta, September 10, 2021 /3BL Media/ – Benevity, Inc., the leading provider of global corporate purpose software, today announced Scott Lee, former VP Product from Adobe Workfront, will be joining the company’s executive leadership team as Chief Product Officer on October 4. In this newly created role, Scott will further develop the company’s multi-sided ‘impact-as-a-service’ platform and portfolio of products to enable more businesses to engage an increasing set of stakeholders in their ESG and purpose strategies and initiatives.

Scott brings over 20 years of technology product executive leadership with proven success in consumer, SMB, and enterprise SaaS software businesses. In his new role based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Scott will be overseeing Benevity’s growing team of Product Management, UX, Design, Strategy and Research professionals to evolve the company’s global suite of employee engagement, community investment and customer engagement solutions used by some of the world’s most iconic brands including Amazon, Google, Levi Strauss & Co., Microsoft and Nike. Benevity’s client community has grown to more than 700 companies across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Benevity, Inc. is a global leader in employee engagement and recognition software that helps companies better engage their workforce. The company was founded in 2008 by Bryan de Lottinville, who had just retired from his career as a lawyer at the time. They have made it their mission to help people feel more engaged with work so they can be more productive and happier while doing so.
Benevity has offices worldwide including San Francisco Bay Area; London; Sydney; Boston; Atlanta; Washington D.C.; Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL.; Denver CO.; Dallas TX., Seattle WA., Portland OR., Melbourne Australia, Hong Kong China and Singapore Asia Pacific region headquarters (APHQ).

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There is a New Way of Doing Business in Calgary

The world is changing rapidly, especially in the business sector. Companies that don’t adapt to these changes will not survive. This change has many companies scrambling to figure out how they can stay competitive and profitable while also contributing to a better future for all of us.

ESG The Report is one solution that helps businesses find their niche in this new landscape by providing information on risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance factors affecting them today. Our report offers insights into what investors are looking at when it comes time to make decisions about where money should be invested or withdrawn from companies in Calgary and around the globe. We provide clear data that shows which industries are most vulnerable as well as which ones have great potential for growth with proper investments in ESG practices. Good governance is just one of the three pillars of ESG.