What is a Sustainability Rating?

Ratings providers assess companies across a range of criteria, including climate change, human rights, employee relations, supply chain management and…

What is ESG Analysis?

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ESG analysis? Simply put, it’s a process of evaluating a company’s environmental, social and governance policies and practices. This helps identify risks or…

What are ESG Frameworks?

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ESG Frameworks can help investors better understand the societal impacts of the companies they invest in or short. The benefits to investors and business owners…

What is an ESG Disclosure?

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ESG disclosure is the process of communicating a company’s environmental, social and governance policies and performance to its stakeholders. The goal…

What is an Auditor Opinion?

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An auditor opinion is an audit finding that indicates that the entity audited has not complied fully with a standard. It should be noted, however, that this does not necessarily mean that…

What are IPPF Standards?

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The International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) is a framework for professional practice. An IPPF Standard is a set of statements found in the…

10 Reasons to Outsource Internal Audit

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Internal audits are an important part of any business. They help to ensure that the company is compliant with all regulations, and are also a great way for companies to find opportunities for…

What is the Meaning of Assertion in Audit?

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The auditor gathers evidence about the assertions made by management in order to form conclusions about whether those assertions are reasonable. Assertions may be …

What does the Treadway Commission have to do with COSO?

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The Treadway Commission was established in 1985 to provide guidance on the prevention of fraud or abuse of public trust by public officials, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and others who are charged with upholding the law.

What is the Role of a Comptroller?

Comptroller of Technology Auditing

The role of a comptroller is an important one, and it’s not always easy to understand. In fact, many people in the finance world have only just recently started working with this position.