Nearshoring: The What, How & Impacts for SME’s

Nearshoring strategy in Production Companies

Nearshoring is a strategy used by companies to bring production closer to their primary market while still outsourcing certain operations abroad. The goal of nearshoring is to reduce transportation costs associated with sourcing materials or manufacturing goods overseas. While at the same time not compromising quality, safety, speed, and flexibility of the product’s supply chain. … Read more

The Best Sustainability Software for Mid-Market Companies?

Middle market companies face unique sustainability challenges as compared to publicly traded companies. First and foremost, they don’t have the same access to resources as larger enterprises. But they will be expected to meet the same rising customer expectations and regulatory pressures. The good news is that there is excellent sustainability software options available for … Read more

What are the Benefits of ESG for Companies?

ESG for Companies data points

You may have noticed lately that there is a lot of talk about ESG for companies and sustainability in the media. And many companies that we talk to are wondering what sustainability can do for them. But for companies looking to accelerate their growth and maximize profits, incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria into … Read more

Online Money Transfers Wise Review

Transfers Wise Review

Our Wise Review: We have been using for a while and the immediate effect is that we no longer need to pay out huge sums of money in transfer fees and currency exchange rate charges to numerous financial institutions. It is saving us time money and frustration. They are one of the cornerstone services … Read more

Terrapass Carbon Offsets Calculator: Review

Terrapass Carbon Offsets Calculator

The global carbon crisis is one of the biggest challenges of our time. To make a real impact on reducing the carbon emissions that cause climate change, we need to take action. Terrapass is one of the leading providers of carbon offsets, helping individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike non-verified carbon offsets, Terrapass … Read more

Wren Carbon Footprint Calculator Review: Does It Work?

carbon footprint review wren

Climate change is the largest crisis humanity has ever faced. The accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has already caused a global temperature increase of 1°C since preindustrial times, and is projected to increase by an additional 3°C by the end of this century. This change in climate has led to more extreme weather … Read more

The Top 10 Examples of Sustainable Marketing

When most people think of sustainability, they picture environmentally friendly practices like using recycled paper or reducing energy consumption. And while those types of initiatives are important for any business looking to be sustainable, there is much more to it than that. Sustainability also extends to how a company markets itself and interacts with its … Read more

Unlocking the ESG Power of Fintech

ESG and Fintech

As the world moves closer to a sustainable future, the need to focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations has become increasingly important. The financial sector is no exception as investors, other financial services companies, and asset management firms are looking for ways to maximize their ESG impact. Fintech is playing an increasingly important … Read more

ESG Policy – the Why, the What the How

As businesses scale and become increasingly interconnected, so too do their risks. In the face of these fluid and ever-changing risks is where Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy plays a critical role in managing operations. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), understanding ESG policy has become an essential part of successful business management across … Read more

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